Sites in Orkney

Orkney is blessed with probably the greatest concentration of archaeological sites in Scotland, with over 200 scheduled sites.


 In Orkney it is possible to visit sites spanning  some 8,000 years of history, from  the Mesolithic,  the Neolithic, the Bronze Age, the Iron Age, the Viking period (which in Orkney, unlike the rest of the UK, lasted  well into the 15th Century) , the Medieval period and right up to the 20th century conflicts of the 1st and  2nd World wars.  On average Orkney boasts 3 archaeological sites per square mile. 

Orkney is very fortunate in having a superb and easily accessible  resource that gives information concerning many of the Orkney sites that can be visited.  Therefore,  rather than re-inventing the wheel by providing our own site information the OAS is very happy to refer you to the   Orkneyjar Historical Sites pages           .